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How to Name the Frank Fenner Foundation in Your Will

It is important to schedule a meeting with your lawyer and add the correct legal language to your document when updating your will.

If you wish to name the Frank Fenner Foundation in your will or estate plan, it is important that you use our full legal name - The Frank Fenner Foundation Incorporated.  ABN 52 456 986 523.

We are a DGR1 registered, non-profit corporation, organized and existing under the laws of the Australian Capital Territory.

Our street address is  the Forestry Building, Fenner School of Environment and Society, 48 Linnaeus Way, Acton, Canberra ACT 2601.   Our official and postal address is GPO Box 11, Civic, ACT 2601, Australia.


It is important to review and update your will on a regular basis. Our lives are constantly changing — your will or documents need to be updated periodically to reflect such life changes: marriage, the birth of a child or grandchild, the death of a beneficiary, divorce or remarriage, an inheritance, the purchase of a new asset such as life insurance, or a new home, a bequest to an organisation to commemorate someone you love or to provide support and recognize the work of your favourite charity.

If you have included the Frank Fenner Foundation a beneficiary of your estate plans please let us know.

Take stock of all of your assets. Consider any new investments, real estate, business assets, retirement plans, insurance and personal property. Then, decide if you have any changes to what you want to do with these assets and to whom you wish to leave them.

Meet with your lawyer.  They will advise you on which assets are best left to family, friends or charity from a tax and legal perspective.

If you chose to leave part or all of your estate or assets to the charity of your choice, make sure you have the correct language in your will. See below for an example of language for leaving Frank Fenner Foundation a gift in your will.

Make sure someone knows where your original will or trust is located, and has access to that location. Also give this person or persons a copy of your will or trust.  Destroy invalid wills or trusts as directed by your lawyer.

Sample Will Language

“ I give to the Frank Fenner Foundation Incorporated (ABN 52 456 986 523)  [ ……% of my estate]  [the rest and residue of my estate] [the sum of $.......(nominated gift amount] for its general purposes free of all duties and taxes payable upon or in consequence of my death,  and I declare that the receipt of its Chief Executive, Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.”

Please let us know

We understand that making your Will is a very personal matter and we will respect your confidentiality at all times.

However, if you have already included the Frank Fenner Foundation in your Will, or are considering doing so,  we would appreciate you letting us know so that we can thank you properly. This is particularly important If you have a specific purpose in mind for your gift.

We would also be delighted to meet with you, if you wish, to tell you more about our work and to talk about your bequest ideas.