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In-Kind Contributor

Open to anyone who pledges to contribute 40 hours of work for the Foundation over 12 months, either on a project or in keeping the organisation going


  • Fundraising – liaising with potential and actual sponsors, grant submissions
  • Volunteer Coordination – task and f/u volunteer group under direction of EO
  • Member Services – membership reminders and f/u; Updates;
  • Communications - Maintaining (See separate list)
  • Finance support:
    • Accounting - monthly
    • Paying bills – as needed
  • Board Support – papers out, f/u action list
  • Project Support – as required


Ecorium@Ginninderry Ginninderry Vision

  • Engagement and Education Space
    • Your home, a habitat
    • Plastics free home
  • Biosensitive Urban / Framework
  • Electronic Library informing bioSensitive Practice

Mobile Ecorium
Young Persons Plan for the Planet

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