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The Frank Fenner Foundation seeks to catalyse far-reaching social and cultural change by promoting an understanding of the place of humans and their societies in the natural world. We aim to promote the changes for long-term human survival and prosperity through education and research, focusing on how we can live respectfully in-tune and integrated with other species and our planet Earth.

We call this the biosensitive approach.

Biosensitivity is the pathway to an ecologically and socially sustainable, just and equitable human society.

For more about biosensitivityClick here to watch a brief video made by volunteer Zenia Xie to learn more!

Coming Events

Should non-Indigenous people have a connection to country?

The Frank Fenner Foundation, Public Health Association and the University of Canberra are sponsoring a panel discussion centred around the question "Should non-Indigenous people have a connection to country?". This will be held on the 13th of June at the National Press Club. To read more click here for their flyer.

Doing biosensitivity

How do we actually live our daily lives respectfully in tune with nature?

The Fenner Foundation invites you to one of our two workshops to hear about projects we’re working on.

530pm June 14 or 2 pm 23 Room F101, Forestry Building, B48 Linneus Way, ANU

We want your ideas and your help in making them happen. You can join a working group to build these projects into the Canberra community. In particular, our working groups will focus on:

  • Respect for Nature: the project - Your home, a habitat and No mow: How to attract and respect non-human species in our houses, gardens and communities.
  • Biosensitivity at home: the project – Plastics and pollution free: How to live as consumers with respect to nature.
  • Making Canberra food and water secure: How to preserve and grow food and water supplies so that they can withstand future changes.
  • Transforming cultures: What needs to change in how we live now, and How are we going to make that change happen.

We hope you can come and share your thoughts, to form groups that will take action into the future. A full flyer is here.


Slow Clothing events

Slow Clothing interactive discussion - Canberra Environment Centre

June 14

Slow Clothing talk - Cardif Collective

June 15

Slow Clothing workshop - The Link - Ginninderry

June 16


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