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Intern with FFF

Say hello to some of the Student Interns the foundation is lucky enough to work with:

  • Samara Constable - Project Officer and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Alina Rizvi – Membership Assistant
  • Kevin Xu – Research Assistant

kevin-profile-picKevin is currently involved in seeking funds for the Frank Fenner Foundation. This has meant conducting assessments on the suitability of companies and organisations the Foundation is looking at approaching for funds. He has also looked at census data to help the Foundation know what kind of people to cast in a video and looked at election data to see where Greens’ voters are in the ACT.

What is one thing you think everyone could change to make a big difference?

Kevin believes people should change how much they think about the future in that more consideration should be given to the long term. “Naturally, we are biased to think more about the present and the immediate future, but in an age where lifespans are growing and the consequences of pollution, for example, can last for decades or centuries, there should be a similar change in thinking.”


  • Palak Bhatia – Intern Account Assistant
  • Gemma Webb – Intern Magazine Editor
  • Tom Stano – Intern Marketing Assistant

tom-profile-picMy name is Tom Stano and I am a 3rd year commerce student at the ANU. I joined the Frank Fenner Foundation to help make a positive impact on the future of the environment and the local ecosystem. I’m passionate about technology, and both the negative and positive implications that it will have on the future environment. An area that I think needs more attention is the management of e-waste; as consumers, we often do not see the end result of our consumption activities and growing technological advancement has seen an exponential increase in the amount of e-waste, which is not yet managed effectively. Initiatives by Planet Ark such as recycling your old mobile phone has had some reduction, but this is still inadequate.


  • Lyndsay Bassett – Intern Projects Assistant

lyndsay-profile-picHi, my name is Lyndsay and I am doing an environmental studies degree. I am passionate about more mindful and sustainable ways of living and eventually I would really like to work on implementing sustainable practise and conservation in developing countries. I think to make a big difference everyone could just make small changes like buying less packaged food, buying less stuff in general and turning heaters off or down until you really need it. My pet peev in terms of small changes is having to throw away my food scraps because there’s no composting system in my university accommodation. At the moment if I could really encourage people to make one small change, it would be to start composting and buy less packaging. In my personal life I really think that simplifying how I eat and how I shop makes a difference in the waste I create, the energy I use and how I feel about the trajectory of my life. Hopefully I will be able to implement a composting system in my college in the near future. In my free time I love to look after the fern garden at my college, take photos, ride my bike, wander the botanic gardens and I am a very amateur knitter. Through A Frank Life I aim to show people some of the small steps I am taking to live more in tune with my values and hopefully encourage people to do the same!


  • Anna Gordan – Intern Projects Assistant
  • Jana Pretorious – Intern Education Assistant
  • Sophie Mayhew – Intern Social Media Assistant

sophie-profile-picSophie is fascinated by most things in nature. Growing up around Australia, she developed a passion for landscapes, and still feels a strong attraction to the awe-inspiring, calming, and humbling effects of the great outdoors. She loves all aspects of nature, from dogs, to flowers and ferns, to her personal hero—David Attenborough. She admires David’s enthusiasm for plants, animals, and the environment, and especially his life-long dedication to learning about the natural world. Whether it’s immersing herself in nature, or mastering Rubix cubes, Sophie hopes to similarly continue to learn—and teach others—about the world around her.