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Our Work

The Frank Fenner Foundation engages with the community through a number of different initiatives:

  1. Ecorium xChange: A space (virtual and physical) for individuals, businesses and governments to develop and exchange biosensitive practices.
  2. Schools Program: engaging high school students in human ecology and how to develop biosenstive practices for their own schools in partnership with the Riverview Group.
  3. Patron’s corner: hear from one of the leading minds in human ecology and the founder of biosensitivity, Stephen Boyden.
  4. Research: We collate and research biosensitive practices to find sustainable solutions to the global threats we face.


The Frank Fenner Foundation is a Not-for-profit organisation with the focus on exploring and communicating solutions to the public about environmental and social issues that affect our global community. Our vision is to promote sustainability and biosensitivity to reduce the environmental and economic impact that future generations will impose on the earth.

The Frank Fenner Foundation is named after the late Professor Frank Fenner AC in recognition of his lifelong commitment to the health of people and the natural environment. The Foundation continues his work by collaborating with community leaders, education centres, businesses and governments to develop and promote ecologically sustainable practices. We call this Biosensitivity - choosing to act in a way today that will create a vibrant and healthy future for all life.

The Frank Fenner Foundation is politically independent and focuses on an evidence based approach to solutions.

Get involved:

If you are interested in sharing your own experiences, refining biosensitive practices, or helping us with our projects, please get involved in one of the following ways:

1: Become a business partner. Are you a business, big or small? We’d love to hear from you and help you with biosensitivity!

2. Become a member. Join workshops and conversations to share and develop new practices. …. Implementing in your Community

3. Volunteer. Join our vibrant team of researchers, brainstormers, writers … the contribution you can make is limited only by your imagination.

4. Make a bequest. Help us continue to fund Frank’s vision.