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Your support as a member not only helps the Frank Fenner Foundation to maintain, grow and develop new projects to promote biosensitivity, it also ensures the quarterly news and recent editions of the foundation’s member newsletter, the Journal of Nature and Society Forum, make it to your inbox.

We expect your inbox is at least as busy as ours, so we will never contact you more than a few times per year. To enquire, email the Foundation Chair

Become an In-Kind Contributor

Recognition as an In-Kind Contributor is open to friends of the foundation who pledge to contribute 40 hours of work for the Foundation over 12 months, either on a project or in the organisation itself.

Make a Donation

Apart from longstanding collegiality and expertise within the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University, the Frank Fenner Foundation relies on donations of time and money by members, sponsors and friends to complete its education and engagement work.

If you like what you see and appreciate the importance of biosensitivity to the global sustainability discourse, we invite you to contact the Foundation to make a gift or donation. Donations from Australian taxpayers are tax-deductible.
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